Helen and Tony Baczynski are retiring from installing both IntelliQuilter and Intellistitch. We installed our last iQ in December 2013 and our last I/S in November 2013.  After 11 years of travelling the country and meeting wonderful quilters we are looking forward to spending more time at home.

Helen will still offer support to our customers and teach classes at some shows. She will also continue to make iQ related videos.

We have been associated with Kasa Engineering, the developer and manufacturer of both I/S and iQ, since 2002.  To date, we have installed 71 IntelliStitch stitch regulators and 122 IntelliQuilters on many different makes of machines. 

You will find information about both products here but if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.


INTELLIQUILTER -  IQ- 3G version 04.28.14
This new update is ready to download.  Go to the IQ web site, using the link to the left, then to 'software updates' to download 04.28.14. If you have missed some updates, don’t worry, you only need to download the latest version. It will have everything you’ve missed.

Don't forget to delete any previous iq.update.tar.gz file from both your thumb drive and your home computer before downloading the new version.

Picture Pattern is a major new feature that was added with the 12.10.13 update. This allows an image to be imported and turned into a stitchable design.

This video demonstrates how to load images for Picture Pattern. The release notes of version 12.10.13 have screenshots of the different types, or modes, of picture pattern generated designs.